"Who are you, you little customer? Oh never mind - I am the BEST Brand EVER - and you should buy from me, because I am...ME of course!"



How do you feel about big brands that use the old way of marketing - scaring the customer, or at least making them feel bad about themselves and their choices - touting that THEIR product or service is the ONLY way they will find salvation?

Well, it’s not salvation that people want.

If, however, you love your customers and they are the lifeblood to your success – then HERO WORSHIP marketing IS for You!

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you should be stepping away from the crowd...far away from the crowd...to create a new path?




Hero Worship Marketing is a mingling of UX, voice-of-customer, customer-centered and total LOVE

It's not about fitting your customers in to be part of your brand's crowd!

STAND OUT to create a LONG LIFE for your brand without resorting to salesy marketing, and help your customers figure out their own journey through this crazy world of brands.

Your customers want help figuring out the maze of brand choices

It’s the customer who helps a brand grow!

And it's the customer that can shut a brand down faster than the Millenium Falcon in hyperdrive.

It’s the customer that we should listen to.

When your ideal customer has an issue or problem that they want fixed, they can feel completely stuck. They want to see themselves in a new way, but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

They want someone to show them the way. 

When you focus your content around helping your ideal customer figure out the maze of products, when you become a mentor, you change they way they see you as a brand - because it’s the customer that shapes and forms your brand?

That's where you, your brand, and Hero Worship comes in.


Hero Worship Marketing is all about YOUR customer!

It's a hybrid of marketing, conversion, and user experience wrapped around LOVE to create marketing messages and content that elevate your customer through the buying journey.

And an ELEVATED customer becomes a life-long advocate!

If you're ready for a kinder and more real approach to marketing, Hero Worship Marketing may be for you.

I have a cool infographic for you!

I show you where the journey begins for your customer so you can write marketing copy and content the educates and guides them in their journey to finding YOU as their brand of choice.

Hero Worship Infographic - snippet

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