If not you're losing customers and sales. (And I'm pretty sure you don't want that.)

"I struggle with finding the language that my customers use to describe the problems."

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Here's what you need to know about your website copy review

Take it from me, writing your own copy isn't easy. (And I'm a copywriter)

Does any of this sound familiar?Ba6-marketing-writing-frustated

  • You're not sure what to write.
  • You second guess yourself.
  • Wonder if your copy has the right message for your reader.
  • And, you take it personally.

I take a completely objective perspective when it comes to reviewing your copy.

I look to see if your message aligns with your customer's level of awareness. 

The level of awareness of your reader can make or break the effectiveness of your message.

I look to see WHO you're writing for.

Are you writing to please the whole world, or are you writing for your ONE perfect reader?

I'll also take a look at your marketing funnel to make sure you're set up for growth.

If you have a message that leads to a dead end, guess what? You're reader follows the dead end to nowhere which breaks trust and confidence in you as a trusted source.

  • I can't thank you enough for your honest and candid review of my website. Your Direct/Indirect approach...most aware, product aware, solution aware, pain aware and unaware really gets to the crux of how to really engage with your ideal customer.  You really need to send a message to your customers/ target audience to engage and make it about "them". Suggestions you made to the home page and products pages were vary beneficial as well.  From product descriptions, to photography, to making your about page more about "them".
    Ann Johnson Owner of All You Naturally

During your website review I'll audit...

  • Your Home Page - Don't make people bounce as soon as they land

    To optimize your homepage I'll look at your value proposition, spot any points of friction throughout the page and review your copy to make it conversion worthy.

  • Your About Page - You know it's not really about you - right?

    Your about page is the most viewed page on your site. Your customer is looking to connect with you. I'll look for relationship building with your ideal customer, what your experience could mean for to them and why they should pick YOU.

  • Your Product/Service Pages are the core of your business. Make your ideal customer an offer they can't refuse.

    Each product, each service, needs to tell a story. I'll look for how your copy is engaging your customer and the reasons why it will help your customer solve their problem so they can "see" life in a new way.

How this works

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  • You get a 60 minute video full of recommendations

    You'll be able to see everything I'm doing throughout your review. I'll do on-screen edits as well as show you where to make changes.

  • You also get written recommendations

    As I go through the review, I'll also send you written recommendations as a follow up to your video. This way you have you don't have to take notes - I've done it for you.

  • Plus...a 30 minute laser phone/video session

    You'll get a 1:1 video conference session with me to answer any questions you have and move forward with your plan of action.

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